Genealogy of the Vanier of North America

by Bruno Vanier
Honored citizen by the “France de l’Ouest”

Database last update: May 1st, 2023, 2:20 pm

While visiting my site thoroughly, you will benefit of informations cumulated on a period extending on more than 30 years. Through out the years, I was brought to share informations with many other researchers who, beside working on the brief story of their family or their own descendants, were working on the same story, the one of the Vanier of North America.

I had in mind since many years to have this information available on the Web, in order that each would profit from them but also that an efficient collaboration may be possible. In 2009, when my son Guillaume-Raphael, a computer science specialist, engaged himself in the creation of web sites, I knew it was the right moment to realize this project.

I invite you to email me all the informations who likely will clarify, correct or complete the ones include on this site.

This site offer:

  • A database of peoples who constitute the genealogical tree of the Vanier of North America, which allows you to print your personnal tree (condense form);
  • A lot of details on these peoples who contribute to make known the story of this family;
  • A database of individuals which we do not know the names of the parents and who are not linked to the Vanier family tree;
  • A database including other Vanier’s who came in Nouvelle-France at the beginning of the colony and who did not leave descendants;
  • A database including Vanier who lived only in France in the 17th century and who could be closely related to Guillaume Vanier;
  • A chronogical biography of Guillaume Vanier;
  • Some archives including copies and translation of old documents related to the Vanier family;
  • The results of my research in the genealogical genetic of my DNA;
  • A section devoted to the research and connection of members still not integrated to the genealogical tree;
  • Finaly, a guestbook,which visitors can use to identify themselves and offer their comments.

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